I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at University College London (UCL) and an affiliated faculty member with the Immigration Policy Lab at Stanford University and ETH Zurich. I do research on the role of immigration in politics and political methodology.

Recent Papers

  • M. Herpell, M. Marbach, N. Harder, A. Orlova, D. Hangartner, and J. Hainmueller. The Impact of Private Hosting on the Integration of Ukrainian Refugees. IPL Working Paper No. 24-02, 2024. [Preprint]

  • R. Dancygier, S.H. Dehdari, D. D. Laitin, M. Marbach, and K. Vernby. Emigration and Radical Right Populism. American Journal of Political Science (forthcoming), 2023. [Paper] [Preprint] [Policy Brief]

  • M. Marbach. Causal Effects, Migration and Legacy Studies. American Journal of Political Science (forthcoming), 2023. [Paper] [Preprint]