Number of Students 1825 - 1925. University College London 1826-1926 by H. Hale Bellot.


I am teaching the following modules in 2023/24:

In previous years I taught courses on causal inference and migration.


Undergraduate / Postgraduate Taught

I am supervising quantitative dissertations of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Political Science Department. I am in particular interested in supervising student dissertations related to the causes and consequences of migration as well as dissertations using causal inference to understand the effects of public policies.

Postgraduate Research

I am open to supervising PhD students interested in migration and causal inference.


Recommendation Letters

For undergraduate or postgraduate students that have excelled in my modules, I am happy to provide a letter of recommendation for fellowship applications and graduate programs. If you like me to write a letter, please book a meeting during my office hour to discuss. When I agree to write a letter, I will need a complete CV, a draft of your application letter, as well as instructions where and when to send the letter. Please allow for at least 2 weeks time to draft your letter.


Before you email me on module-related matters, please check the syllabus. There is a high probability that it includes the answer to your question. When you email me, please use your UCL email account and write a concise message in English providing all the information I need to help you (e.g., the module you are taking). I typically aim to respond within 24h during working days.

Office Hours

Please use this link to sign up for my office hour and personal tutor meetings.