DALL-E 3: “Pixel art showing a computer screen, floppy disks, and a keyboard. The computer screen shows tabular data.”

Statistical Estimation and Inference

  • ivdesc: Profiling Compliers and Non-Compliers for Instrumental Variable Analysis in R and Stata
  • missDiag: Comparing Observed and Imputed Values under MAR and MCAR in R

Data Access and Data Management

  • wiesbaden: R Client for data from Germany’s Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden
  • bonn: R Client for the INKAR data by Germany’s Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning in Bonn
  • ags: Construct time series of statistics for Germany’s municipalities and districts using crosswalks in R
  • lychee: Optimal Linking and Joining of Data Frames in R

Other Tools

  • saltr: Fit many regression models based on a vector of formulas and a fitting function
  • gcloud: Simple functions to access Google Cloud Platform API in R
  • qsf: Qualtrics Survey File (QSF) editing and construction in R
  • dd: Tools to estimate difference-in-differences models with leads and lags in R