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The GV100 format is used by DESTATIS to publish the German municipality register


read_gv100(file, stzrt, version = NULL, encoding = "iso-8859-1", ...)



path to file


integer to select the administrative level (see details)


which GV100 version. If NULL the version is guessed based on the file name.


encoding of the file


other parameters passed to read_fwf


a data.frame.


The Gemeindeverzeichnis (municipality register) is published in a fixed width file refered to as "GV1000 ASCII Format" by DESTATIS. The register features the list of municipality and higher order administrative units. The function is a wrapper around [readr::read_fwf()].

There are two types of files: One feature the administrative information (version="AD") and one with non-administrative (version="NAD"). If version=NULL, read_gv100() guess the type based on the file name.

To select a particular administrative unit use the stzrt argument (Satzart). For the AD version, the following choices are possible:

10 - Länder (states) 20 - Regierungsbezirke 30 - Regionsdaten (only Baden-Württemberg) 40 - Kreise (counties) 50 - Gemeindeverbandsdaten 60 - Gemeinden (municipalities)

For the NAD version only:

41 - Kreise (counties) 61 - Gemeinden (municipalities)

Since about 2019, the Gemeindeverzeichnis is using UTF-8 encoding rather than ISO-8859-1.


 if (FALSE) {
    d <- read_gv100("GV100NAD31122016.asc", stzrt=60)